2 Women Beat & Flog Schoolgirl For Dating A Man Married To One Of Them (Graphic)

Ladies Beat Up, Flog Secondary Schoolgirl In Uniform For Dating And Having Sex With A Married Man, A Husband To One Of Them!!!!! (Graphic)

These two women were seen on camera assaulting this young schoolgirl in a viral video that has sparked divided reactions.

According to them, she is dating a man married to one of them.

They were seen beating the schoolgirl up. One of the women was busy beating her, dragging her by the hair while the other was busy flogging the girl.

It’s that bad!! It’s terrible!!

The event happened in South Africa.

Social media reactions are divided on the disturbing video.

While many are blaming the women for assaulting the young secondary student instead of confronting the husband, few blamed the schoolgirl for dating a married man old enough to be her father instead of concentrating on her education. They think the women are training her by flogging and beating her.

There is no reason to attack the school girl. The women ought to be ARRESTED!! The husband should also be jailed for underage sex.


Source: http://www.thefamousnaija.com/2019/10/video-ladies-beat-flog-schoolgirl-in.html?m=1

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