This morning, pictures and videos of a young girl thrown out of a Benz in Ajah, Lagos; after which she allegedly began to shrink in size, flooded the internet.

Nigerians in their hundreds swarmed over to the venue; – from where they came still remains a big mystery – armed with phones and cameras, leaving their humanity behind.

For hours, this girl was the object of ridicule, mockery, shaming, disgust – you name it. Not one person lifted a finger to offer assistance.

Of course, the one thing that ran through the minds of everybody present, was that perhaps her promiscuity landed her in the cold clutches of ritualists, or G-boys, as it is commonly called.

However, an actor who goes by the username @kierahwatchofficial on Instagram, took to her page to cry for help; claiming that in the midst of protests from the Nigerians who stood by; she picked the girl, who allegedly goes by the name, Ene, to LUTH, where she was allegedly confirmed HIV+ positive.

The events of today have proven one glaring point – the dangers of superstition, and how dangerously superstitious this nation is.

Just few weeks ago, a man was found in the exact same circumstance; however, the news that traveled round was a call for help. Nobody mentioned how his reckless behaviour probably landed him there; or blamed him for being in that position.

So why must it be different because it is a woman? Why must the first assumption be that she is a runs girl whose luck ran out? Why didn’t the possibility of her being kidnapped and held captive come up?

How can we stand there ridiculing a person who is probably psychologically damaged and needs help?

What happened to clothing the naked, helping the weak?

The dangers of being an overly superstitious population is glaring; one of which happened today, in Ajah.

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