Tyson Fury Fights 8 Security Guards At WWE Smackdown To Confront Wrestler(Photos 

It took more than eight security guards to stop Tyson Fury entering the ring at the WWE SmackDown as he leapt from his seat in the crowd, MySportDab reports.

Fury’s antics hinted at a potential future in professional wrestling for the Gypsy King, known and loved for his showmanship, elaboratering entrances and loud dress sense.

The drama began as a Braun Strowman light-heartedly squared-up to the six-foot-nine heavyweight, with the ‘Gypsy King’ playing along with a smile.

The mood changed when Strowman was attack from behind by Dolph Ziggler, who the ‘The Monster Among Men’ sent spinning into Fury.

The Mancunian – dressed in a suit with a marble design – fell back into his seat, returning to his feet furious.

With Strowman back in the ring, Fury jumped the barrier – yelling as security guards held him back.

The wrestler watched on, laughing from the ring. watch the video.


Source: https://www.mysportdab.com/2019/10/tyson-fury-fights-8-security-guards-at.html

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