Elephant Knocked Down By A Moving Train (Photos)

Newsbroadcastnaija: It was quite a pitiable moment as this train’s was cut short leaving passengers stranded on the road as a result of a fatal collision with a matured Elephant trying to cross the rail. Being in critical condition, the elephant finds it very difficult to move, had to crawl and drag self away from the rail slowly in anguish, but then the journey has got to pause for a while now as the train was partial damaged. Unfortunately, after 36hours of suffering in pains, the elephant later died in peace.

Railway stations and other types of construction block elephants’ ancient pathways as they migrate from forest to forest and now too many elephants are killed by speeding trains each year…this latest accident is just one example of this urgent problem.

Please share this important post with your followers and tag people, celebrities and news media who need to see it to help us spread awareness about this crisis before any more elephants are killed by humans! We MUST consider our wildlife and our environment before we build any new project otherwise it’s endangered species like elephants that pay with their lives! Thank you for sharing this video.

Source: https://www.newsbroadcast.com.ng/2019/09/matured-elephant-in-critical-condition.html

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